“He wanted my gun. So I gave it to him”

A 61-year-old grandfather looked like an easy mark to a brazen 16-year-old punk at a Detroit gas station. It takes a brazen (or stupid) criminal to try to rob someone who’s open carrying a handgun. Unfortunately for the young hood, the old man not only had a gun, but also the willingness to use it. In fact, the grandfather told WDIV, “He wanted my gun. So I gave it to him.”

Grandpa delivered a single shot to the gut which ended the attack. Amazingly, after catching a round in the gut, the punk paused to grab his heater before stumbling out of the door.

WDIV has the story

DETROIT – A robbery attempt in Detroit backfired when a teenager picked the wrong man to mess with and quickly learned he wasn’t the only person armed.

Darius Summers is a mild-mannered musician in Detroit who just turned 61 years old this week. He also recently received his license to carry a concealed weapon.

…”I just wanted some coffee, so I walked down here,” Summers said.

He said a 16-year-old boy armed with a gun saw that Summers was also armed, and the teen tried to take his weapon. He stuck his gun in Summers’ back, thinking he was an older, easier target.

“I said, ‘All I want to do is leave,’” Summers said. “He said, ‘You can’t leave.’ I said, ‘OK. What do you want to do?’”

Summers said the teen was controlling him, but then the 61-year-old man pulled out his own gun and shot the boy in the stomach. The teen picked up the gun that he dropped and limped out of the store.


The perp, was later arrested. The seasoned citizen had the right mindset, saying he would not submit to victimhood. Amen, brother.

It’s possible Mr. Summers would have been left alone if he hadn’t been open carrying. Many years ago, as a younger gent, I open carried where legal as part of public education. Following an event in Louisville, Kentucky, I came to appreciate the many advantages of concealment. Only on rare days do I open carry now, for just this reason. Open carrying requires a very strong condition yellow level of situational awareness at all times.

My fellow instructors and I teach some rudimentary weapons retention techniques as part of our entry-level self-defense/personal protection coursework. First and foremost, I train my students that concealment is the single best way to defeat an attempted disarm. If a bad guy doesn’t know you’re carrying, they aren’t going to attempt to disarm you.

John Boch, Source