CCW Weekend: Yes Or No, Are Glocks Safe?

By Sam Hoober, Alien Gear Holsters

Look around various gun forums or talk to gun owners and there are likely going to be some people that just hate on Glocks, the Glock safety system, and any and all derivatives of them. To be sure, there are a lot of Glock-inspired or derived (or outright copied) pistols on the market. The polymer-framed striker-fired pistol format is far more popular now compared to any other firing mechanism, as double/single-action pistols are becoming increasingly rare.

What has gone hand-in-hand with the plastic striker gun is reports of negligent discharges. This has led some people to believe that these guns are unsafe compared to – insert favorite gun of the critic here – and therefore they aren’t as good. Negligent discharges don’t happen with 1911s, they say, or with revolvers. Plastic striker guns that don’t have the safety features aren’t as safe, the critics go on to say.