Slovenia Orders Carl-Gustaf M4 from Saab

Saab have announced that they have received an order for their new Carl Gustaf M4 multi-role weapon system from the the Slovenian Armed Forces. The M4 can engage vehicles, armoured vehicles, buildings and fixed positions, it weighs less than 7 kg unloaded and has new optic mounting options to increase hit probability.

The orders follows the recent purchase of more Carl Gustaf ammunition by Latvia and the news that Saab and Raytheon will be demonstrating new long range munitions for the Carl Gustaf to the US Army in the near future. Deliveries to the Slovenian armed forces are set to begin before the end of the year and will be completed by 2020. How many M4s have been ordered has not been disclosed.

Carl Gustaf M4 with optics mounted (Saab)

Here’s Saab’s press release on the Slovenian order:

“Slovenia is a new customer of the Carl-Gustaf system, and Saab’s ninth customer for the Carl-Gustaf M4 version since its launch in late 2014.

The Carl-Gustaf M4 is the latest version of the portable, shoulder-launched, multi-role weapon system. It gives users a wide range of engagement options and allows troops to remain agile and effective in any scenario. It builds on the system’s formidable capabilities, offering a higher degree of accuracy, lighter construction and compatibility with future innovations. The M4 is also compatible with future battlefield technology developments such as intelligent sighting systems and programmable ammunition.

“The Slovenian order is further proof that Carl-Gustaf M4 is the number one multi-role weapon on the market. We are happy to introduce the Slovenian Armed Forces to Saab’s Carl-Gustaf M4 with outperforming capabilities and high tactical flexibility, and we feel confident that the end user will be satisfied”, says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab business area Dynamics.

The new version retains all the effectiveness and versatility of the proven Carl-Gustaf system while introducing a range of major enhancements. These include a lighter weight design (weighing less than 7 kg), a round counter, improved safety and intelligent features, such as compatibility with future intelligent sighting systems and programmable ammunition, which collectively offer significant operational improvements for the soldier. The weapon is fully backward compatible with all ammunition types.”