A Great Home Defense Shotgun For Only $240 – TriStar Cobra Force

This is a video review of the brand new shotgun on the market – The Home Defense TriStar Cobra Force. Named after the movie, this Home Defense shotgun can be found and purchased with a street price of $240. The Turkish company Armsan did the manufacturing of this shotgun together with several variations which you can see in this review video by nutnfancy.

According to the guys from nutnfancy, the gun has several disadvantages and downsides, which personally affected their desire to purchase the gun.

Check out the video and see whether you will find your way over them and get it yourself. If you are good with the Cobra limitations, this shotgun would be a perfect addition for your Home Defense arsenal. Adding the price to all of this just makes the gun perfect for its job.

What are your thoughts about this Turkish shotgun? Let us know below.