PALMA: Air Defense Missile/Gun and Gun System

The Palma system can be considered a variant of the Kashtan melee weapon system, which is also designed to defend against enemy air attacks. The system can destroy anti-ship missiles, aircraft as well as small targets on water and on shore.

Armament / missile melee weaponry system, including the 9M311 Sosna-R supersonic air defense missiles, two 30mm AO-18KD six-chamber automatic guns and a multi-channel electronic defensive fire control system. optical-electric 3V-89. The control system is mainly photovoltaic with radar equipped. So if equipped with this system, Gepard 3.9 will be very powerful.

According to the Nudelman Design Institute, this weapon system can simultaneously attack six targets at distances up to eight kilometers depending on the number of firing modules installed. The manufacturer claims that a system shell can destroy a target range of 200m to 4km at 3,000m and a missile capable of destroying a target range of 1.6 to 10km at an altitude of 5,000m.