75 Years Old Self Defense Master Knocks Out Two Guys Outside A Bar

The man was followed out of shop by two youths where an altercation took place – but they were not expecting what happened next.

This is the jaw-dropping moment two young men appeared to pick on the wrong OAP – an ex-boxer who hasn’t lost his fighting prowess.

The two men, who according to Spanish news site 24 Horas were drunk, had emerged from a shop with carrier bags at the same time as the elderly man.

CCTV footage shows one of the men approaching the OAP before he appears to exchange a heated confrontation with him.

Seconds later the old man decides enough is enough, and suddenly strikes out at the youth, pushing him in the chest.

As another young man approaches, the elderly gentleman plants a swift left hook to his jaw, knocking him to the ground.

He then turns on the second man and knocks him to the floor too.

Both of the youths appear to be conscious after the incident and the elderly gentleman appears to exchange a few more words with each of them.