Take a Load Off With These 10 Hunting Blind Chairs

Sitting on a bucket or log is not too comfortable.

A proper seat makes a hunt much more comfortable. These 10 hunting blind chairs will keep your bottom and your back happy, and your hunt going on until the time comes.

We have all been there. We have sat on a cut log, rotten log or other various impromptu seats for a long hunt. It became quite a long very uncomfortable hunt.

How can you hunt when all you feel is back and butt pain from an improper seat? Better step up to a proper hunting bling chair and be ready for that one critical moment.

1. Bolderton 360 Comfort Swivel Hunting Blind Chair

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When you want the very best in comfort, you pick a hunting blind chair with sturdy armrests and a good back. The above swivel seat is rated to 300 pounds. You won’t break that chair, that’s for sure.

2. Alps Mountaineering Oversized Folding Camp Chair

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A folding chair is as natural in a hunting blind as it is next to the campfire. This aluminum frame chair packs down for transportation and is rated to 425 pounds. It holds a beverage for you, too.

3. Guide Gear 360 Degree Swivel Blind Hunting Chair, 300-lb. Capacity

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A swivel chair is perfect for any hunting blind. This Guide Gear has four adjustable legs for helping you find that perfect height. With a 300-pound rating, you will be well set for the long wait.

4. Redneck Blinds Portable Hunting Chair

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Redneck Blinds Portable Hunting Chair has a sturdy steel frame and self leveling feet. It collapses in seconds and you are on your way to your next blind location.

5. Guide Gear Featherweight Hunting Blind Chair

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A lightweight folding chair that’s only 4.6 pounds is quite an advantage. It will also hold 300 pounds. We call that a winning package.

6. Barronett Big Blind Chair

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Another great folding hunting blind chair is the Barronett Big Blind Chair. With two built in cup holders and a height 3″ taller than many other blind chairs, this 400-pound capacity seat has a lot going for it.

7. Hawk Big Denali Blind Chair

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We were pretty impressed when we found this Oversized MeshComfort lounger chair. It looks like a very comfortable computer chair, but you can pack this full swivel chair out to the hunting blind and be ready to go.

8. Allen High-Back Hunting Blind Chair

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The simple folding hunting chair with a high back and zippered pocket is a proven design. Lightweight and affordable, these 225-pound rated chairs still do great work out in the hunting blinds.

9. Ameristep Tellus Chair

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The Ameristep Tellus Chair folds down small into a small pouch. The shock-cord frame also has a 300-pound rating, but it does lean you back a little farther than other options.

10. Foldable Tripod Blind Chair

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The Foldable Tripod Blind Chair is a simple yet very useful design. The 200 pound weight capacity chair weighs only 3.9 pounds. The price is very affordable so many chairs can be bought and used in various locations.