Rookie Italian cop kills World’s most wanted man with two shots

The suspect in the Berlin Christmas market terror attack, which killed 12 people, has been shot dead in Milan by an Italian police rookie.

Luca Scata had been on the job for just three months and was still on probation after spending the previous nine months in police training.

Scata, 29, and his partner Cristian Movio, a 36-year-old officer, were patrolling a train station in Milan early Friday morning when they saw suspect Anis Amri acting suspicious. They approached him and asked him for identification.

It was not unusual to see a man of North African descent loitering outside the metro station at Sesto San Giovanni, a once-thriving industrial hub that is now a grimy, working-class suburb with a large immigrant population and a prominent mosque.

“I don’t have documents, I am a Calabrese,” Anis Amri mumbled in heavily accented Italian, according to reports. He said he had left them somewhere.

When prompted to open his backpack, Amri opened fire and shot Movio who sustained a non-life-threatening injury. Scata then jumped in firing two shots at Amri and killing him.

Berlin truck terrorist Anis Amri has been shot dead.

Italy was familiar territory to Amri and that may explain why he headed back to the country following Monday’s attack.

He is believed to have arrived in Italy as a migrant, one of tens of thousands of Tunisians who entered the country after the Arab spring protests in 2011.

Italian police praised the officers for their “courage and skills,” saying that their quick action saved lives.

“My son simply did his job,” Scata’s father, Pippo, told the Siracusa News. “We are proud of him. I don’t have other words to express how we feel.”