(2,000 Rounds Per Minute) 50 Cal Gatling Gun! THE ULTIMATE WEAPON That Will Help Us Fight The TERRORIST ATTACKS!

Guns are something that everyone loves, OK I can’t say everyone but I can say that most people like them. I mean who doesn’t want to blow up watermelons with a 9mm Glock or with something even more heavy like an AK-47.

But in this video we can see something else, something that is on a WHOLE other level. This is something that not many of you have seen. It is the ultimate machine gun that hopefully will help us fight the terrorist attacks, and by look of it this is perfect for that. It is a Gatling gun that can fire up to 2,000 Rounds per minute. Yes that is right, mind-blowing 2,000 rounds every 60 seconds.

And also this gun is almost unstoppable, I know that you think it will be very hard and it will take time to charge rounds once it is empty but don’t worry about that. This Gatling gun needs only 30 seconds to recharge and to be ready to fire again. Also this is a 50 caliber weapon so that means there is nothing that this beast can’t destroy.

Here is a presentation video where you can see how this thing works. Enjoy!