Welcome to America’s Massive Military Machinery Graveyard

Situated between the mountains on the border of Nevada and California, is a 36,000-acre area of land where the American military dispatches its equipment and munitions after wars.

The inventory contains items as big as the M1-Abrams battle tanks or as small as individual bolts. The items are repaired and shipped right away to the troops in the battlefield. What happens to the weapons and equipment that is left over?

RT – TV Correspondent Meghan Lopez guides us on a tour of the location in her six-part series focusing on the military equipment drawdown from Afghanistan. The location is called the ‘Sierra Army Depot.’

The ‘Sierra Army Depot’ came into being with General Order No. 9 on February 2, 1942, which was signed by General George C. Marshall. Its motto reads “Readiness Since 1942,” and there are 66 years of recorded history to substantiate it. Its first name was the Sierra Ordnance Depot.

The word “Sierra” designates the location of the American military ‘graveyard’; it is east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the word “Ordnance” denoted its original operations: first, to store the overall supplies and then in 1947, the overhaul and demilitarization of weapons and ammunition.

Source : warhistoryonline