This Guy Loaded Lego Heads Into .40 Caliber Rounds

What happens when you shoot a Lego mini-figure head from a handgun? We’re about to find out, thanks to Imgur user who is conducting something of a scientific experiment.

Imgur is home to some seriously random posts, like this one, called LEGO Head Projectile Test #1 (40 S&W).

02212017 f1

The premise is simple. A Lego mini-figure head is the same size as the typical bullet that sits on top of a .40 S&W round. Length varies, and the weight is different, but the diameter is the same. And they load neatly into .40 brass.

 From the Imgur post:

“Ordered a 25 pack of LEGO heads. $13, or 52 cents a piece. I can get 10 copper plated lead projectiles for the cost of 1 LEGO head.”

02212017 f13

“First man up, the prototype. Thought his facial expression displayed a good attitude for being shot out of a gun.”

Like any good science experiment, it wasn’t immediately successful. It turns out that some heads have air holes that prevent the pressure from building behind the projectile.

02212017 f12

“Aw crap. Had to pull the the first head. Apparently some LEGO heads have air holes. Probably to save some kids life, assuming they choke on it in that orientation. This could have ended up poorly. I am not taking the chance.”

02212017 f16

“Picked a more relaxed dude for attempt number two. He has a ‘solid’ head.”

“Final loaded round, first prototype. Winchester Small Pistol Primer, Blazer brass (range pickup). No Powder.”

02212017 f11

“Loaded into the magazine.”

 It is worth noting that the first attempts were made without powder. As a proof of concept, the rounds were powered by the force of the primer alone.

02212017 f3

“Ready to fire! Odd angle, the cartridge is not really crooked.”

How fast would a Lego head zip from the pistol? Pretty fast.

“Old towel over a empty cardboard box. The projectile is lightweight. I expect this will catch it. Shot distance, 10 feet. Wearing a full face shield and ear pro, since I am in my garage.”

02212017 f8

“Don’t tell the wife. I was kidding, it was just a dirty towel, not an old one. I had a Gladiator Garage Organizer rail leaning against the wall behind the target, propping the box up. The LEGO head went straight thought the towel and the box, hitting the rail squarely before ricocheting.”

“Found it on the floor behind the box. It lost most of it’s energy caving it’s head in. You can see the face lined up nicely with a groove.”

As it happens, the head lost none of its weight. It was slightly scorched, but intact. So he loaded up some more that he will now take to the range.

02212017 f7

“4 soldiers, ready for some chronograph testing (soon!). I used the fleshy heads for hollow points.”