.308 Remington 700 ~ 1012 yard shot at a gallon of milk

I should have put a 20 MOA scope on the rifle; I needed 151 clicks of elevation to get there, but only had 82. I found the milk sat best in the scope, just at the bottom bar; no scope left.

I had the windage adjusted about 3 MOA left.

I doped the range first, then setup the cameras.

Having been my first long range shot, (other than the occasional “hail mary” for that gopher way the hell out there with the .17 HMR or .223) I’m now addicted.

The rifle is a Remington 700 action with 26 inch heavy barrel. Haven’t done any trigger work, I like the way it is. I did have the muzzle break put on by a gunsmith, and I put the rest together. I’d do it all over again, what a blast!

I am not an experienced long range shooter, this was my first attempt at a target over 100 yards; but damn what fun. I’ll be learning a lot as I go.