Leaders Not Kneelers – Amazing National Anthem at Army – Navy Game by Cadets and Midshipmen [VIDEO]

On Saturday, the Army-Navy football game took place, marking the 118th time the two teams met on the field. The event was held in a neutral city, with a gentle snowfall leading the opening ceremony to have a magical quality as the choirs from the two academies came together for a particularly moving rendition of the national anthem.

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The game was held in Philadelphia, where snow was gently falling as everyone prepared for the event to begin. Choirs from the Annapolis and West Point academies came together to sing the national anthem, and the rendition was simultaneously truly beautiful and strikingly powerful.

The Army-Navy football game is traditionally held in a neutral city located between the two academies. Often, they use NFL stadiums due to the massive crowds of active duty and veteran fans who typically attend.

As one could likely expect, not a single person was kneeling during this rendition of the national anthem.

The game was incredibly close, resulting in a final score of 14 to 13, with the Army team besting the Navy this year.

h/t Daily Caller