Latest ‘Hot Cop,’ Haley Drew, Is Breaking The Internet With Her Photos

Tarrant County, TX – A Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Detention Officer Haley Drew’s photos have been going viral since Maxim noticed her Instagram account.

The latest “hot cop” trend recently got kicked off after Gainesville police department posted photo of their police officers before going on patrol. Since then, the internet has been digging up “hot cop” photos which have been going viral to varying degrees.

It looks like Detention Officer Haley Drew may have them beat.

NOTE: Broadcast media outlets have been suggesting that Drew is a deputy on patrol in Fort Worth. However, through extensive examination of her appearance, I’ve been able to determine that she’s a Detention Officer. Her employment status has not been confirmed with the Sheriff’s Office.

Corrections officers don’t get anywhere near the credit that they deserve for their role in the law enforcement family. Patrol officers just have to deal with suspects until we can dump them on corrections, then corrections officers have to actually be locked up with the suspects.

Drew graduated from the sheriff’s academy in May, and has apparently been serving her community ever since.

Drew’s selflessness is even more apparent on her Facebook page where she posted about giving up her dog to help somebody in need. On Thursday she posted:

These past few days have been pretty emotional for me. As most people know, I do not have any children of my own (other than my step son who is everything to his daddy and I). The closest thing to children are my two Great Danes.

If you see many of my posts, you know that these two are my babies and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world. About a week ago, I came across a young lady named Liz (cont..)

Liz was in a very traumatic accident one year ago that has caused her to have some very special needs. She was hit in the head with a pick axe at A&M where she attends college.

A classmate and her were digging a hole for their yearly bon fire tradition and as they were trading hits with the axe, she was not able to pull her axe out of the ground quick enough before it was her partners turn to swing. He swung in the same rhythm not knowing that she was still standing there. This struck her in the head causing a subdural hematoma and exceptional brain damage (cont.)

Although doctors gave her a slight chance at living, a year later, she has come full circle. A few weeks ago Liz found out that her Great Dane, best friend, and also her service dog who she highly depends on has brain cancer. Knowing that she will have to put him down in the next few days, she has started her journey to finding a new service dog and best bud.

Although Grace is not a service dog, I know in my heart this is her calling. She is so sweet and so smart and so loyal. I have always thought that she would be the perfect fit for this kind of job. Yesterday I took Grace to meet Liz (cont.)

The very first thing Grace did was smell Liz’s head where she had been struck, then licked her face and started giving her kisses. Liz looked at me and smiled, I think we both knew what it meant. God talked to me that day, he gave me a sign.

He told me Liz needed Grace and she needed Liz. I know in my heart that this was the right thing to do. Nobody can break the bond between a person and their best friend, and nobody will ever take the bond from me and Grace (cont.)

Cainan and I raised her from 9 weeks old, to two years old. She has been through it all with us. Our first Christmas when he gave her to me, potty training, carnivals, cowboy games, road trips, day dates, nightly snuggles, you name it. We raised her from a puppy to an adult and she is now going to go on and do great thing for someone else.

She is being trained to be a mobility and psychiatric assistance dog now. She is going to attend class every day with Liz. She will be there when Liz experiences dizziness or cannot get out of bed. She will be there to lean on and to make her days a little brighter.

As sad as I am, my heart has so much joy knowing I am helping someone recover. Grace has found the right human to grow old with. She has found her purpose in life.

Hebrews 13:16. And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Good luck sweet Liz, God Bless you and your family. I know I am a complete stranger, but I am glad you are alive.

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