10 Strongest Special Forces in Africa 2017

Starting off with Botswana Commando Unit with its transport aircraft of C-130B, C212, CN235, King Air 200. Next is Kenya special forces, Nigerian Army Special Operations Command which we see the tanks of, Tunisia special forces is next and after it is Morocco Armed Special Forces which has 1171 tanks, 2,710 armored fighting vehicles, 190 towed-artillery, 433 self-propelled guns and 72 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems.

Egypt with Task Force Unit 777 is also on this list along with Algeria’s Special Forces which we see footage of on different missions with the soldiers talking about their experiences on the team. South Africa’s Special Forces Brigade is the 3rd on this list and after it is Egypt with the Task force Unit 999 and last but not least is All of Africa also known as the African Standby Force.

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