BREAKING: DOJ Officially Labels Antifa A Terrorist Group

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It’s been a long time coming, but the fascists calling themselves an anti-fascist movement are finally labeled what they are by the Department of Justice: a hate group.

Recently, the Antifa terrorists have been storming free speech rallies to fight against…free speech. To date, 163 innocent people have been attacked, beaten, and subjected to horrible treatment from the “tolerant Left.”

“From this point on, each and every member of Antifa who attacks an innocent person will be charged with terroristic acts,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday. “This has gone on long enough.”

Donald Trump supporters and conservatives in general have been forced to live knowing that if they speak out against abortion or oppose the removal of a piece of history or anything else the Left hates, they will be attacked. While these attacks may still occur in the short term, the Trump administration is doing all they can to combat extremism of all kinds.

It’s good to see the administration take a step toward putting all these violent leftist behind bars!

Thank you President Trump!