Cousins held at gunpoint and forced to dig their own graves before being shot with rifles and set on fire

WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT. Wagner da Rosa, 17 and Victor da Rosa, 22, had their brutal murders in Brazil captured on film by gang as warning to others

This is the horrific moment two young cousins were forced to dig their own grave before being shot and set on fire.

Sick murderers filmed the horrifying build up and aftermath of the execution of Wagner da Rosa, 17, and Victor da Rosa, 22, in Brazil.

The youngsters were held at gunpoint by a rival gang in Porto Alegre after being captured by the thugs.

Mobile phone footage shows the pair being forced to dig a grave as the violent criminals watch on.

After digging the grave they are ordered to lie in it, and are seen squashed side by side, covering their faces in fear as guns point down at them.

The cousins are then shot repeatedly with rifles before being doused with petrol and set alight.

Police are now investigating the terrifying murder in the the Gravatai district of the city.

Felipe Borba from the Brazilian Civil Police said they believe the pair were killed after a factional row between drugs gangs turned increasingly violent.

He said: ”The cousins had no criminal convictions. From the video we watched, it would look like a fight between factions for the drug trade.

”A young man who was near the scene of a crime with a firearm was arrested but denied involvement in the murder.

Police are still investigating the crime and have not released the names of the gunmen. But we believe they are from a gang known as Anti-Bullet.

”The video would be an attempt to intimidate the local factions, instilling fear and intimidation into their enemies and showing that they do not feel sorry for anyone.”

Source: Mirror