MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Second Amendment Does NOT Give You The Right To Own A Gun

A constitutional professor and gun-rights supporter has an important message for the American people: The Second Amendment does NOT give you the right to own a gun.

Reid Henrichs is president of Valor Ridge, a school dedicated to educating Americans on the proper use of firearms, self-defense and the Constitution. He is a Marine with a Master’s degree in history and has taught at Nashville State Community College.

His video is a must-watch for anyone who believes – falsely – that the Constitution or the Second Amendment grants any rights at all. Here’s the video:

What Henrichs is saying is that rights do not come from the government. Your rights are inalienable. You are born with them. We all are. Not just Americans, by the way.

The Founding Fathers believed that all human beings were “endowed” by our Creator with these rights. Lots of them.

Four years after the Constitution was ratified, the anti-Federalists managed to insert ten amendments to the constitution. Those amendments didn’t give any rights.

What the Second Amendment – and all the other amendments to – is recognize that the right exists, that the government knows the right exists, and that it may not attempt to usurp that right.

The rights you have – Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Privacy, the right to Keep and Bear Arms – are part of your DNA as a human being, as a free person.

What the Constitution did – and what the Bill of Rights codified – was make an official declaration that the United States Government knows this.