World’s MOST FEARED Sniper Rifle Ever Designed

If you would love to never miss your target again, here’s everything you need , the newest sniper rifle from TrackingPoint. Well, we are not sure is this good or bad, since it can be used for different purposes, but see the sniper’s features and decide on your own!
TrackingPoint’s precision guided firearms system uses several component technologies:

Networked Tracking Scope: A core engine who tracks the target, calculates the range and the ballistic solution. Also,  works in concert with the shooter and guided trigger in order to release the shot.

Barrel Reference System: A fixed reference point who enables the networked tracking scope to do some adjustments and retain zero over time. The barrel reference system is factory calibrated to a laser reference.

Guided Trigger: The sniper’s trigger is hard-wired to the networked tracking scope, who controls the trigger weight to eliminate shot timing errors and trigger squeeze.

Field Software Upgrade able: Software can be uploaded to the scope to add capability.

Heads Up Display : The Heads Up Display indicates range, wind, video storage gauge, reticle, zoom, and battery life, as well as LRF icon, Wi-Fi icon, compass icon, inclination wheels ,cant wheel, and off-screen indicators.

Recording: There’s an integrated camera that captures video and still images from the networked tracking scope and heads up display. All of the images can be downloaded to a smartphone from the scope and also transmitted via email or social media.

So, what do you think?