Awesome Hunting with Blaser R93!!!

The Blaser R93 is a German hunting rifle offered in a multitude of calibers and barrel lengths.

Its straight-pull bolt action locks by a 14-lug radial collet in a 360 degrees groove in the barrel and is designed to withstand pressures significantly exceeding the Mauser 98–type bolt-action rifles. The Blaser R93 displays a locking surface of 66 mm compared to 56 mm for the Mauser 98. The stressed parts are made out of hammer forged steel and nitrided to make the locking mechanism work. The manual cocking system, or “de-cocking safety”, enables the shooter to securely carry the weapon, only cocking the rifle just before the shot.

The R93 was upgraded to the Blaser R8 introduced in 2008, which has a detachable box magazine/trigger combination. The Blaser R8 displays an enlarged locking surface of 96 mm2 (0.149 in2).[3] Parts for the R93 do not fit the R8 series rifles.

In 2009, Blaser and Carl Zeiss AG began offering a scope that switches on a red dot when the R93/R8 are cocked (“Zeiss Illumination Control/iC”).