California Set to Eliminate Last Legal Form of Open Carry

The California legislature has sent AB-7 to Governor Brown’s desk. Should he sign it — and all signs indicate he will — the Golden State’s only legal form of open carry will go bye-bye. Wait. You didn’t know that any kind of open carry was legal in California? True story! As I type, residents can open carry a long gun in unincorporated areas. You’ll never guess which city consists of 65 percent unincorporated areas . . .

L.A.! I love it! Actually, I don’t. But lots of people do, and the one million people living in its unincorporated environs are currently free to open carry an unloaded long gun. When AB-7 gets Brown’s signature, they won’t.

Given Los Angeles’ inability to recognize Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to bear arms —  only 220 people have concealed carry permits, 87 of whom are judges — the bill seals the civilian disarmament deal.

That’s until and unless California voters elect reps ready, willing and able to restore residents’ gun rights (#aintgonnahappeninmylifetime) or the Supreme Court strikes down the state’s “may issue” mindset. Which could happen, probably would happen with one more conservative Justice on the bench.

Meanwhile, AB-7 is the final nail in California’s gun rights coffin. Until the next one . . .