New World Record: 13 Clay Targets in 1.6 Seconds (VIDEO)

Raniero Testa broke his own record of shooting multiple clay pigeon targets while they are in the air. You may have seen such trick shots before, where the shooter throws a stack of clay targets into the air and shoots each of them separately before they land.

Raniero is a Winchester team shooter and he used a Winchester Super X4 (a.k.a SX4) shotgun to set this new record. So he shot 13 targets in 1.6 seconds. As you can see in the video below, he does it at an amazing speed. It took the shooter 35 minutes of trying and failing until he finally managed to make that happen.

Rapid firing semi-auto and repeating firearms has always been something fun to try and see people do. Everybody likes Jerry Miculek’s rapid shooting, right?

What makes such clay shooting even more difficult is not only the speed you have to be able to pull the trigger at but also the amount and difficulty of the targets you have to engage. If you have shot clay targets, you’ll agree that even shooting a single target is not always very easy. Also, the gun must be capable and accurate enough. I think many semi-auto shotguns won’t even cycle as fast as Raniero pulls the trigger.