Crazy Body Cam Footage Shows a Police Officer Shooting a Murder Suspect

hanks to this body cam footage, everyone knows why this police officer did what he did.

After stopping a man who was illegally walking down the highway on March 29, 2016, the officer asks to frisk him for officer safety. The man starts to comply with the request, then pulls a knife. The body cam footage shows what happens next.

Watch the video to see why Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters called Officer Josh Hilling “one brave individual.”

Caution: This is raw footage that includes strong language.

This body cam footage comes in the wake of suspected police brutality in a number of other cases, but it’s clear that this officer did what he had to do. When a suspected murderer is coming at you with a knife, you have to defend yourself.

After reviewing the footage, the Glendale Police Department decided the same thing and Officer Hilling will not face charges for his actions.