New Colt Cobra .38 Special revolver

Well, it would appear the prayers of Colt enthusiasts have been answered. It was Colt Media Day at Gunsite when the specs were released to a select group of members of the gun media. I was fortunate enough to be in the room and I was not the only person there with my mouth wide open is disbelief and excitement.  We were allowed plenty of time to examine the new Colt revolver up close then proceeded to the range for live fire.

Once I made it to the range, I decided to put enough time in on the new revolver in order to give a review on that gun. Allison and I both ran a dozen or so cylinders of Double Tap 148gr .38 Special wad cutter ammunition through the Colt Cobra as well as talking and filming others that were also spending a lot of time with the little revolver. Though similar to the original Cobra, there are some improvements made to update the design.


My friends Max and Kevin from Colt and Major Ed from Folds of Honor wringing out the new Colt Cobra.

Paul from Colt, who is as good as an instructor as he is shooter.

The major improvements over the original Cobra are an enhanced leaf mainspring, making the hammer throw smooth and even. A user changeable front sight with choices of a a brass bead, night sight, and a fiber optic. By simply removing a set screw at the muzzle, and pulling the front sight straight up it is an easy swap.


Enhanced trigger guard, being larger for more room inside while the location changed to avoid getting your fingers hammered between the guard and stocks during live fire. The trigger broke at eight pounds in double action and two pounds in single action. The trigger is very reminiscent of the original smooth Colt revolver triggers, and should satisfy even the most scrupulous Colt revolver fan.


Low profile hammer to reduce the chance of a snag and factory installed Hogue overmolded rubber stocks for added comfort when shooting +P .38 Special. The Cobra uses a transfer bar safety so the hammer can rest on a loaded cylinder safely.

It was no problem at all keeping six rounds in a six inch circle from twenty five feet, with double or single action. Being a revolver there were no reliability options through four different examples and hundreds of Double Tap rounds. When the revolver was introduced it was hinted this design could easily be scaled up to larger revolvers, so take that for what you will but I have all idea Colt is entering back into the revolver game with quality models that do the Colt lineage proud. I am confident this little Colt will serve well as a defensive revolver and I look forward to seeing what else Colt has in store for the future.

Estimated MSRP will be $699

The revolver is made from matte stainless steel, has a fully lugged,  six-groove, one in fourteen inches left-hand twist two inch barrel .

Capacity 6 rounds

Length 7.2” long,

Height 4.9”

Width  1.4”

weight 25 ozs.

trigger pull 8 pounds double action/2 pounds single action