Do You Know Where to Hide Your Guns to Survive a Home Invasion?

If you’re one of the “prepared protectors” who believe that a firearm isn’t only a right – but also your responsibility to be fully prepared when a criminal enters your home to victimize those you love, then it’s time you take a closer look at your home defense plan.

In this week’s interview, EJ laid out a comprehensive goal for your home defense arsenal that focuses on the military acronym, P.A.C.E.

Here’s how it lays out for you…

PRIMARY Home Defense Weapon

Your “primary” home defense weapon is the one that will be the fastest to get to and the one you’re most trained with.

It’s your “go-to” man-stopper that you can get your hands on lightening fast when an intruder is in the process of forcing his way past your spouse who was ambushed at the front door.

Best case scenario, that will be a handgun you carry on you at all times – even when at home.

ALTERNATE Home Defense Weapons

When your primary weapon isn’t in action or for some reason you’re not able to get to it, you need a back-up.

This should also be a weapon you can reach quickly, perhaps even before you make it to your primary weapon.

It may be a tactical pen or a flashlight you keep on your belt.

It could even be an “improvised weapon” using something you have lying around that you can grab in an instant and use to fend off your attacker until you can get to your primary weapon.

(Tip: Walk around your home and see how many regular objects are in each room that would also be a good “instant weapon”!)

Source: Modern Combat and Survival