Fla. bystander who shot cop’s attacker receives new gun

A bystander who assisted a Lee County Sheriff’s deputy who was being attacked received a new gun Tuesday.

Shoot Straight reached out to the agency to follow-up on the shooting, The News-Press reported.

“He had to impound the gun for evidence,” Mark Williams, who manages the company’s Fort Myers location, said. “We wanted to donate a gun so this man’s not unarmed.”

The bystander fatally shot suspect Edward Strother after warning him to stop attacking the deputy. Strother was initially pulled over for speeding.

The sheriff’s office is calling the unnamed man a “Good Samaritan,” and the case is still under investigation.

“I know he wants to stay anonymous,” Williams said. “He’s a super nice guy. He doesn’t want any attention.”

After the man showed the company his concealed weapon permit and passed a background check, the company donated the gun to him.

“The sheriff is calling him a hero,” Williams said. “If they were comfortable with him getting a gun, I was completely comfortable with giving him a gun.”