Walmart to Discontinue Lego AR-15 Play Kit

After receiving pressure from anti-gun groups and documentary film maker Michael Moore, the world’s largest retailer Walmart announced today that it was removing all Lego™ AR-15 rifle kits from its shelves. The move, which is seen in reaction to both public pressure and recent mass shooting events, has drawn criticism from pro-second Amendment groups who believe the retailing giant has given in to anti-second amendment groups.

“This is about defending freedom,” said H. L. Richardson, chairman of the Gun Owners of America, a popular alternative group to the National Rifle Association. “When people decide to steal some of our rights and plan to use Walmart to accomplish it, what’s the real difference between them and the thief? They’re no more than modern lynch mobs can justify its act because they’ve convinced a majority that Legos are evil. And we know where this leads.”

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According to a Walmart spokesperson, the AR-15 Lego kit was it’s top building-blocks seller.

“We’ve listened to our customers, and we’ve decided to remove the kit from our shelves immediately,” said Walmart Director of Communications Bethany Millbright in an early morning press conference. “And although it was our most popular Lego kit, we felt it necessary to remove it.”

According to Ms. Millbright, other popular Lego kits will remain on the shelves including the Poopy-Time Training Kit, Manic-Depressive Gotham Batman Construction Set and the controversial Twin Towers Memorial Construction Kit.