Putin BLOWS UP Over Obama Blaming Him For Emails, Releases Proof Obama Is Head Of ISIS

Putin, Fearing For His Country, Declares WWIII Is Coming If Obama Makes One More Wrong Move

Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are the founders of ISIS.

When Donald Trump made that statement several months ago, liberal media pundits lost their mind. They could not believe Trump abandoned political correctness and called out criminals for their libelous acts.

Clinton and Obama did not just create ISIS, they micro-managed them for years. This was part of their master plan in 2012, and they are now being exposed for it.

In a WikiLeaks email, a memo was created by Obama’s top military advisers that made its way to all of our federal agencies, including Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

Their Hidden Agenda Is Now Being Exposed

Their Hidden Agenda Is Now Being Exposed

Hillary and Obama were well aware that ISIS was forming and they knew exactly where they wanted to take control–so why did they not eliminate this terrorist group right then and there?

Obama and Hillary are both globalists that dream of a hemispheric common market, with open borders and open trade. In order to accomplish their goal of doing so, they needed a major player to do the dirty work for them. That is why they allowed ISIS to form, metastasize, grow, and take control of the Middle East.


Obama and Hillary’s Globalist Dictatorship Revealed

On top of allowing ISIS to wreck havoc, they needed someone very wealthy to finance the operation and push the agenda in a way that could not be traced back to either of them and the United States government. That is where George Soros comes into play.

Soros, a wealthy crony, has long financed open borders, global agendas, silencing the people, and dictators. This master-plan plays perfectly into what he has been wanting to do for years.

In this video, InfoWars breaks down all of the documents and emails, proving that not only did Obama and Hillary create ISIS, they did it deliberately in a way that would allow them to remain in power.

By allowing ISIS to remain a major force in the Middle East, it gives the United States power to dictate terms with neighboring nations. Furthermore, it also allows the refugee crisis to occur, which gives the United States direct control of policy decisions in European countries.

In order for Obama and Hillary to carry out their globalist agenda, they needed three things to happen.

First, they needed to establish partnerships and deals with all Muslim nations (claiming to be) fighting ISIS. This is where massive cases of quid-pro-quo came into play.

While Secretary of State, Hillary approved massive weapon deals to Muslim nations, that also fund terrorism, in exchange for millions of dollars into her own pockets.

When Hillary supplied nations like Saudi Arabia and many others with weapons, she knew they would filter them down to ISIS, and that is exactly what happened. While Hillary supplied ISIS, she also found a way to collect more than $100,000,000 in “donations” from these terrorist nations.

Why else would they be donating this much money to her? It was “hush” money.

How Else Would You Explain This?

How Else Would You Explain This?

Second, the United States needed to create an “explosion,” of sorts, in the Middle East that would expand the chaos into other nations.

When the refugee crisis occurred, it gave Obama and Hillary the perfect way to profit more and expand their agenda even further in early 2015.

In order to jump start the refugee crisis, the United States needed to added players to their team. They began with German Chancellor Angel Merkel, whom Hillary has praised as her favorite world leader.

How Nice, Two Friends Conspiring To Destroy Their Countries

How Nice, Two Friends Conspiring To Destroy Their Countries

They also used George Soros to push for open borders. In doing so, they formed partnerships with other nations to take in refugees because “it was the right thing to do.”

While Hillary and Obama brainwashed Europeans into accepting refugees, they also knew that terrorism would spread into these Nations, as well. All of this was part of the plan.

They Now Have Many Partners In Their Master Plan

They Now Have Many Partners In Their Master Plan

While Obama and Hillary allowed ISIS to expand into Europe, they knew that it would ruin weaker Nations. The fear of terrorism has taken over Europe while Islam is running rampant has forced weaker nations in asking the United States for help. That has allowed the United States to step in and meddle wherever the choose now.

With that, we have our third point.

There is only one country not listed above that poses the biggest threat to the United States: Russia.

As all of this unfolded, Russia was the only world power that stood up and challenged the Clinton/Obama agenda.

Take note of what Obama and Hillary created. Europe, including nations surrounding Russia, are amassed with refugees, terrorism, and countries that have been brainwashed by Obama and Hillary to hate Putin.

In order to crank up the pressure, Obama has also stationed missiles in Syria to fire upon Syrian and Russian forces in the area.

Ask yourself this: why would Obama risk World War III with Russia because when all they are doing is bombing ISIS? Why is killing terrorists a problem?

Obama is mad that Putin is taking out his valuable asset (ISIS). Every decision on this list, made by both Obama and Hillary, have three things in common: terrorism, the Middle East, and the United States meddling in other countries.


There Plan Laid Out In every Decision They Make

Things have gotten so tense between Russia and the United States that Putin has promised that World War III is coming if Obama makes one more move to disrespect Russia and place his citizens at risk.

This globalist agenda between Hillary and Obama almost worked. They planned for Hillary to win the election and then she would continue the plan, but Russia has had enough.

The liberal media argues Trump and Putin are working together for personal reasons, but maybe they are working together to end this globalist agenda.

Why do you think Democrats, Obama, and Hillary blame Russia for all of the WikiLeaks? Because they know Putin is putting a stop to this corrupt, globalist agenda and they do not want him to expose or ruin their plans.

We are on the verge of WWIII with Russia if Obama and Hillary are not careful. We are talking about nuclear war, not a few planes flying here and there.

We better realize how important this election is right now or Hillary Clinton will drag us into a war with Russia that will cost hundreds of thousands of lives.