Casting Your Own Black Powder Round Balls the Easy Way

Why not pour your own lead and cast your own round balls?

Black Powder Maniac Shooter shows us how he casts his own black powder round balls the easy way.

So, you like to shoot black powder rifles and pistols but hate the cost of those blister packs of black powder round balls at the big box hunting stores? Well, our friend Black Powder Maniac Shooter has the answer for that dilemma: load your own.

Casting lead bullets might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but in fact, it’s really simple. It can be done with incredible speed after some practice, as Black Powder Maniac Shooter demonstrates on this video.

As shooters, we are always trying to save dollars in this growing hobby of expense. Cast your own lead balls and you will reap the savings in no time at all… to buy more black powder, of course.

by Eric Nestor, Source