The 4210 Yard Shot (2.4 Miles) – NEW Record!(Video)

There’s a small group of Texans who are on a never ending mission chasing the world record for longest shot. Their obsession paid off again when Jim Spinella tagged a 3′ plate nearly 2.4 miles from his position using a high performance HCR 375 CheyTac rifle.  Not too long ago the team over at Hill Country Rifles could hit an objective that was 3800 yards out.

Well back on November 22nd, they exceeded themselves – Jim Spinella hit a 36″ plate at 4,210 yards, that is 2.4 miles.Every shot included another rifle work by HCR, all in 375 Cheytac.

New lessons were found out and the rifles developed into lighter, more valuable plans.A standout amongst the most fascinating perspectives to these shots is the building of custom mounts to abstain from coming up short on degree change. A 230 moment of edge  rail was machined for a 20 MOA Nightforce Unimount for an aggregate of 250 MOA.