Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle

Fully Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle

Colorado gun shop, Machine Gun Tours combined with Colorado manufacturer Witt Machine and Tool have come together to offer up an Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision.

We spent the day with Alan Samuels of Machine Gun Tours to put the Ruger RPR they created through its paces at our range. The results were super impressive despite the harsh, windy conditions.

From the Machine Gun Tours website, here are the details on the Integrally Suppressed Ruger Precision Rifle.

Ruger Integrally Suppressed Specs

Suppressed RPR
Integrally Suppressed Ruger RPR
8″ Stainless Steel mono-core pinned to the factory Ruger barrel with a 24″+ Titanium over sleeve with Titanium front and rear sealing rings. This is secured by 6 socket head screws that lock the entire system into place. No dramatic impact shifts after servicing – no need for re-zero. 15″ PHNX HexGuard fitted to allow room over the suppressor sleeve (includes 1x 4” Rail) – No Other Handguard Options available currently.

Resulting OVERALL Integrally Suppressed Barrel Length 28”
Weight gain – ONLY 20.5 ounces!

NIB Weight: 10lbs 9.3 ounces Integrally Suppressed Ruger Weight: 11lbs 13.8 ounces (Empty Magazine)

Titanium Sleeve Color Options: Polished Ti, Graphite Black, Flat Dark Earth
The accuracy of this rifle was super impressive. We initially zeroed it with 168gr FGMM at 100 yards and then immediately took it to 400 yards. (In an 18MPH wind) I was hitting the 2” head on the 8” plate while Alan shot a 1/2 MOA group under the same conditions.

On The Range with the Ruger

Suppressed groups
Suppressed groups

We used a combination of full power 168gr FGMM and some Atomic Subsonic ammo to gauge the sound quality of the Witt Suppressor. With full power loads metered with a cheap, commercial meter at the shooter we registered about 82db, the subs were just stupid quiet.

 Compared to my Ruger Precision Rifle with 20” Proof barrel and 7” Thunderbeast Arms Ultra suppressor, the video clearly shows a sound advantage to the Machine Gun Tours creation. I highly doubt you can get the rifle any quieter. I was blown away by the accuracy and the sound.

Machine Gun Tours are offering this upgrade in two varieties. You can buy a complete rifle, fully kitted out for $2899. Or you can purchase an upgrade kit for existing Ruger Precision Rifle owners for $1699. The package includes the Suppressor, barrel, and handguard. Moving forward, I know Machine Gun Tours is going to be using Proof Stainless Steel barrels in future builds. The barrel in the video was made using the stock RPR barrel.


VTAB Upgrade
VTAB Upgrade

Alan’s rifle also had the VTAB 2 vertical, tactical, adjustable stock replacement. This butt stock replacement for the Ruger RPR and Magpul series stocks is an excellent upgrade. It’s designed to go on the back and give you the adjustability lacking in a standard stock of this type.

The VTAB is light, highly adjustable, good looking and not over priced. Machine Gun Tours will be carrying this upgrade product, and I think it is well worth the cost of admission. 

Check out the Fast Acquisitions Site for more.

The video says so much more than I can on this upgrade for the Ruger. Whether shooting full power loads like Federal Gold Medal Match or shooting subsonic, it adds to the rifle’s versatility. It’s a specialty option, but man what a nice upgrade to have.

Thanks to Alan, and the work Machine Gun Tours is doing, be sure to contact them for more details

Suppressed RPR
Machine Gun Tours Suppressed RPR