Single mother has given up shopping and instead hunts and kills boar

Single mother has given up shopping at supermarkets and instead hunts and kills boar, deer and foxes before whipping them into meals for her family.

A single mother has stopped shopping at supermarkets because she hunts and kills wild animals for her meals.

Lisa Taylor posted photographs which show her holding her rifles and boasting about the animals she has just killed.

The hunter, from Surrey, posed for photographs and smiled in one as she held up a wild boar which had just been shot.

Other images show her sitting next to deer, foxes and roe buck she has just killed while hunting.

She then cooks the meat and posts photographs of her meals to her Facebook page, which has attracted more than 15,000 followers who ‘like’ her posts.

Ms Taylor wrote on her page: ‘I’m a girl who hunts and cooks. This is my way of meat shopping.’
When uploading photographs of her latest kills, she provides a detailed description of what she has just shot.

On one image, she wrote: ‘This was a Young Roe Buck (Spiker) I shot April 2015. He was quite skinny and was part of the cull plan.

‘Can’t believe Roe Buck season is coming back around so fast. Hopefully after culling last year’s bucks we should have a good healthy and strong herd of Roe deer.’

She also wrote on another picture: ‘A job that has to be done. But after eating my venison and wild boar stew I always need to top my freezer up.’

The mother, who manages a deer park, believes what she does is more humane and ethical than eating animals which have lived on factory farms.

And she keeps her army of followers – including 1,200 people who like her Instagram page – updated with pictures of her £1,200 night vision equipment.

But her posts have angered some people who have criticised her decision to kill wild animals and one person called her a ‘disgusting person’.

Other critics asked her to ‘leave the poor foxes alone’ after she uploaded photographs to her Facebook page.

Padraig Hannafin wrote: ‘Why celebrate this? I’m from a sheep farming family so I get why it’s done but I don’t get the pride or glee of killing an animal.’

But other people posted positive comments to support her.

Greg Mayhew replied to one of her posts and said: ‘That’s great news !! Well done and much deserved. Keep posting for us. Cheers.’

Ian Jamieson added: ‘Well done Lisa all because of your hard work, you should be very proud of yourself xxx.’

Elisa Allen, Director animal rights charity PETA UK, told MailOnline: ‘There’s a word for a person who derives pleasure from killing.

‘And while this woman is clearly desperate for attention, callously snuffing out the lives of animals who wanted nothing more than a peaceful existence will make her reviled rather than revered.

‘Most Brits admire real sportspeople and genuine sportsmanship, not small individuals who hurt others in order to make themselves feel big.’