Two Thugs Attack A Guy During Road Rage Incident, Didn’t Know He Was A MMA Fighter [WATCH]

Road rage can cause people to do really stupid things. That’s exactly what happened to these two brilliant guys who got into a road rage altercation with an MMA fighter. It did not end well for the two friends.

This dash cam footage shows the two friends approaching the car and making one of the worst mistakes of their collective lives. One of the attackers even had a baseball bat, but they were just no match for a trained fighter.

as you can see by the video one bonehead gets out and goes for the bat, walks to the car behind them and threatens the driver behind them. If this is all that happened, there wouldn’t be a video worth watching, but then the man with the bat makes a brutal mistake, and swings at the car and damages it.

This is when the mystery MMA fighter jumps into action. He gets out of his car, approaches the man with the bat, dodges a swing from the bat, and responds with a lightning quick punch to the mans chin, knocking him out instantly.

At this point, the other friend exited the car and attempted to grapple with the MMA fighter, huge mistake. The trained fighter easily repels the second man and wrestles him to the ground, the two leave the camera frame for a moment, only to reappear with the helpless man in a chokehold courtesy of the mystery MMA fighter.

In all seriousness, road rage and road side arguments and altercations are always a bad idea to engage in. You have no idea who the person is in the car you are arguing with, they could be mentally disturbed, violent, or just an experienced fighter that you really don’t want to get to know. These two friends learned their lessons the hard way.

Source: americannews