USSOCOM Seeking 3-Caliber Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR)

The U.S. Special Operations Command is “seeking sources” for a commercial sniper rifle system that can switch between three specific calibers, is suppressor-compatible, and meets certain size, weight, and accuracy requirements. The “sources sought” memo can be seen here, and should not be confused with a request for proposal like the Army’s Modular Handgun System was.

Notable requirements of SOCOM’s desired ASR are as follows:

– Complete system including caliber conversion kits for 7.62mm NATO, .300 Norma Magnum, and .338 Norma Magnum.
– Includes any tools required to convert between calibers.
– Includes a flash and sound suppressor that can be attached to the rifle as needed.
– Total system weight — not including suppressor, and with unloaded magazine — of under 17 lbs (max acceptable ) and under 13 lbs (desired).
– Extended Length under 50″ (max) and 40″ (optimal).
– Fully-collapsed length under 40″ (max) and 36″ (optimal).
– Accuracy at 300 meters must be 1 MOA maximum and 0.5 MOA optimal in both 7.62 NATO and .300 NM. In .338 NM, accuracy must be better than 2.5 MOA max and 1.5 MOA ideal.

What say you, good reader? What rifles come to mind that meet these requirements today?

There’s Desert Tech’s SRS-A1 (given they’ll chamber it in the two Norma calibers), and they even make the required suppressors. The Cadex Defence CDX-MC KRAKEN does. Maybe the Blaser LRS-2? Q’s The Fix would, as founder Kevin Brittingham mentioned he’d consider a long action variant should a military or other contract come along. What else? Anything semi-auto or is the NEMO .300 WM and Petra .300 Norma as close as it’ll come there?

Or is this ASR thing a foregone conclusion?