Five Reasons the H&K MP5 is Better Than the SIG MPX

In Video James shows his H&K MP5 and SIG MPX and compares each to the other.Both of these pistol caliber carbines are configured in short-barrel-rifle format. Both of them are 9mm.

Both of them have roots with respected manufacturers. But each of them has a few tricks up its sleeve that the other doesn’t. However, today, James tells us five ways that the H&K MP5 is superior to the SIG MPX.

“The Heckler & Koch MP5 is probably the most popular post-WW2 submachine gun design of the world. It is compact, reliable and lightweight. It uses H&K’s roller locked design, which proved to be a successful concept judging from the number of countries utilizing it. No surprise it is popular in the civilian market, too. This gun has become so popular, that not only many countries adopted it, but also manufacture MP5s domestically.”

Source: TFB