U.S. Marines with Amphibious Assault Vehicle Platoon, Company B

This is the US marines performing tests on the Assault Vehicle Platoon. Check out the video to find out more of what exactly they do.

(Scroll down for the video)

There are traffic flows for all used traffic connections (crossroads) within road traffic intersections. A normal four-armed crossroad knows a total of twelve different vehicle traffic flows: from north straight to south, from the north to the west to the west, from the north to the east to the east, from the west to the east and so on.

Traffic connections used by pedestrians are also referred to as traffic flows. If there is a pedestrian crossing at each of the arms of a four-armed crossroads, there are a total of eight pedestrian traffic streams; It is differentiated according to walking direction. The same applies to signalised cyclists or public transport, which are separated from other traffic.

A traffic stream that has to be aware of a signal is called a signaled traffic stream . A signaled traffic stream is designated as vacant in the first seconds after the end of its release time. It is referred to as retractable when its release time has just begun.

Traffic flows, which turn left or right, are referred to as turn brakes . Leave a comment after watching the video.