Glock Modifications That Should Have Never Happened

I love no-frills Glocks, but I also recognize that there is room for customization. Having said that, a man has to know his limitations. Projects like milling a slide to mount a micro red dot is functional, and when done correctly, can make the whole gun look sharp and futuristic. However, many DIY pistol modifications done today are based on aesthetics alone. Some, like those done by Blown Deadline Custom Cerakote are works of art. Others are, well, “unique”.

If you decide to take fate (and a Dremel or a soldering pen) into your own hands, make sure you do a little research first – there are hundreds of how-to guides on Youtube and internet forums. Start slow. Keep it simple. And practice on an old polymer magazine or grip before you start melting a perfectly good pistol.

However, if your experiments start to go completely south, fear not. Glock, known for some of the best customer service in the business, will actually replace your entire frame or slide for around $100.

In exchange, I’m sure the good people in Smyrna will have a private chuckle at your expense.

Below are some examples of Glock customizations that fell short of perfection. Try not to laugh too hard – we’ve all been students WECSOG at some point in our lives. Besides, I’m sure they still function just fine. Ok most of them probably function just fine.



I’ve always thought Glock should add portholes to some models.

I worry about the structural integrity of this slide.

EDIT: Doesn’t deserve to be on the list. Thanks for all the comments on the sight tracker from Agency Arms. My apologies.


Yes, bad kitty indeed.

I thought Spiderman was anti-gun?

Gandalf called, he wants his Glock back.

I actually kind of like this one.