Phoenix Resident Turns His Guns Over to Police Following Vegas Shooting. Encourages Others to do the Same [VIDEO]

There’s nothing new about the gun control debate. After mass shootings, like the one that left 59 people dead at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, the debate heats up. Some of these crimes make such an impression on people that they behave in atypical ways, even when it comes to the gun control debate.

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Jonathan Pring is from London, England, but he’s been living in Phoenix for more than a decade. He runs a coffee shop and drives a doubledecker bus. Despite his British roots, Pring bought guns.

The shooting in Las Vegas, though, has changed his mind about gun ownership. On Wednesday, Ping called the Phoenix Police and told them he wanted to turn his guns in.

“I think the easiest way to stop mass shootings from happening in America is to take guns away from civilians,” Pring told Fox.

“I like my son and my wife more,” said Pring.

“When I phoned dispatch and I said, ‘hi, I’ve got some guns I’d like to get rid of,’ the dispatcher panicked a little bit,” said Pring. “‘You’ve got guns? How many guns? Are there people in the house with you now? Are the guns loaded?’”

Instead of selling the two firearms, he turned them over to police. This, in Pring’s estimation, was the “right thing.”

“We can do something about the guns, we can just get rid of them, it’s that easy,” said Pring.

Pring posted the following message to Facebook in a public post along with the following three photos:

Hello. I am a proud United States Citizen. Until this morning I was a gun owner.

In lieu of the recent mass shooting event in Las Vegas, this morning I phoned my local police station (Phoenix, Arizona) and asked for an officer to visit my house and collect my firearms.

People on social media and in the news are asking questions and looking for answers. I have an answer. If civilians do not have guns then mass shooting events will occur less frequently.

That clever old Indian Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Small steps really can make a difference and we can all do small steps, even babies.

I will miss my guns. I enjoyed taking them to the range and doing Rambo poses in front of the mirror. I paid a lot of money for them. However, if I was to write down the 10 most important things in my life the guns wouldn’t make the list.

I hope my actions inspire others. If we can achieve a safer world for our children, we will have done a good thing.
Be the change

To any would be home invaders, watch out, I just bought a brand new Slugger.

Pring said of defending his family, “If I have a break-in at my house, I’ll hit him with a baseball bat. I’m not afraid. I don’t need a gun to be a man.”

“This notion that we can’t do anything about it simply isn’t true,” said Pring. “We put a man on the moon, we can get rid of guns in America. No problem.”

Source: Tribunist