Watch What This Female Cop Does After Black Lives Thug Takes A Swing At Her

Police officers are underpaid and work dangerous jobs, but respect for their profession has been eroding for decades.

Radical leftwing groups like Black Lives Matter refuse to acknowledge that without the police, there would be no one to enforce law and order when thugs disturb the peace and threaten others.

This was exactly the case during a recent incident at a McDonald’s in Florida. A man had wandered into the restaurant and began harassing some children.

The group called the police, and a female officer came to the restaurant and attempted to resolve the situation.

But when the thug tried to throw a punch, the officer responded in a way that has the internet exploding!

After telling the man, “You do not hit a cop ever”, the man recording the video joined in, and correctly pointed out, “You don’t hit a woman!”

This situation could have gone much differently had the officer not shown the perfect balance between force and restraint.

She tried to deal with the man nonviolently until he threw that punch. After that she could have reached for her gun and many would have said she was justified.

Instead, she chose to use her taser to subdue the man that struck her, keeping all parties involved from facing a life threatening situation.