IWI US Now Shipping Galil ACE Pistol in 5.56 with Folding Brace

Brace yourselves – the Galil ACE pistol in 5.56 NATO is here.

The latest pistol version of the Galil from IWI US is chambered for the 5.56 NATO cartridge, feeds from standard AR magazines and comes with a folding pistol stabilization brace. The gun is very similar to the 7.62×39 model recently reviewed by Rusty here at TFB. However, this model is chambered in the lighter weight, Preferred by the Forces of Freedom™ round.

Like the 7.62×39 version, the 5.56 NATO gun is a pistol with an 8.3″ barrel. The barrel is cold hammer forged and has a 1:7″ twist. Additionally, it is chrome lined. This is especially handy if you are sitting on a large stock of corrosive surplus ammo. Of course, with such a short barrel, expect your neighbors at the shooting range to complain about the fireballs and stunning effects of the muzzle blast. One of the many muzzle devices that direct the blast forward may be a handy add-on.

The gun is a bit heavier than its communist calibered cousin; it weighs 7.6 pounds unloaded. While that is a bit tough to swallow for some of the AR crowd, the gun is equipped with a long stroke piston system and has a milled steel receiver. If these are important features to you, the weight is probably not much of a concern.

The gun ships with tritium night sights: a post up front and two dots on an aperture in the back. Of course, ample Picatinny rail space also exists for your favorite red dot as well.

IWI US doesn’t price these cheap: $1,849. However, if Rusty’s review of the 7.62 gun is any indication, this model is likely to be a reliable and accurate shooter.