Antifa Thug Didn’t Want Her Picture Taken – Let’s Make Her Famous!

I’m all about respecting people’s privacy.

That is, unless your goal in life is to destroy the country I live in. Then I don’t respect ANYTHING about you.

“No Trump. No Wall. No USA at all.” That’s what they were chanting that day. Yeah… I’m not too concerned about your privacy.

Anyway, this sweet little Antifa blossom decided to attack a camera operator who was filming Antifa at Berkeley. You know… because she hates fascism. Makes total sense.


Then, when arrested, she started yelling at people for taking her picture:

Listen, bubba. If you can’t stand by your actions, maybe don’t do them in the first place. Are you not proud to be in an organization that riots for the ultimate destruction of our nation? Maybe you should rethink what you do on the weekends.

Anyway, maybe she’s just being humble. She doesn’t want all the credit for being an Antifa HERO. Don’t worry, pal! We’ll make sure you get all the credit you deserve!

Source: Chicksontheright