Police Win Gunfight, Turn Suspect Into Human Faucet, Then Stop Leak With Tourniquet (VIDEO)

North Las Vegas, NV – Two Metropolitan Police Department officers won a gunfight with a suspect, and then saved his life with a tourniquet just moments later. It was all captured on video (video below.)

The incident occurred around 5 PM Monday when Field Training Officer Tyler Hebb and his trainee, Officer Brandon Foster, were doing an investigative follow-up to a bicyclist who was shot by somebody in a stolen Honda, according to Las Vegas Review Journal.

The two officers spotted the stolen Honda being driven by William Chafoya, who matched the description of the shooting suspect. When the officers tried to stop the vehicle, it sped off and they pursued it into North Las Vegas.

The two occupants of the vehicle suddenly stopped the car and took off running.

While running, Chafoya pulled a gun from his waistband, fired once in the air, and then turned and opened fire on the officers.

The officers responded by dumping 19 rounds into the suspect in about 8 seconds.

The shots appeared to have opened up an artery in the Chafoya’s leg, and he was pouring blood like an open faucet.

It was apparent that the Chafoya wasn’t long for this world. At least, that was until Officer Hebb grabbed a tourniquet from his ankle and applied it to Chafoya’s leg. He is now expected to survive.

The female passenger from the vehicle was struck once in the arm in the crossfire. Both suspects have been hospitalized at University Medical Center in stable condition. Neither officer was hurt.

The officers could have just as easily been hit, in the same manner that the suspect was, and been in need of a life-saving tourniquet. Most departments do not issue tourniquets, which is why Blue Lives Matter has given out over 400 tourniquets to active police officers.

If you are considering a tourniquet for yourself or to buy one for an officer, we believe that the the highest quality tourniquets are the SOFTT Tourniquets. However, they are also bulky. CAT-style tourniquets are the most common, but we suggest one with a metal windlass. RATS tourniquets are the most portable, so great for patrol, but may not work as well on a very wide legs (on overweight people.)

You can see the video of the gunfight below. WARNING – Language, and a LOT of blood:

Source: Bluelivesmatter