A Zombie Survival Camp Exists In Canada And It Will Train You To Survive The Apocalypse

No matter how many times we are told by so-called “experts” that a zombie epidemic will never happen, many of us still choose to believe otherwise. Such is the case in Canada, where the zombie fever is so high that there’s even a camp dedicated to the art of zombie survival.

Zombie Survival Camp is Canada’s #1 resource for zombie apocalypse preparedness. For around four years now, the camp has been travelling across the country to train Canadians in wilderness survival, self-defense, and self-reliance. As ridiculous as it may sound, it really does exist – in fact, the first thing you encounter on their website is a statement reading “Yes, this is a real camp.”

The camp is led by a team of six experienced instructors, each with their own primary specializations. Take a look at their profiles below:

Deidter “the Soldier” Stadnyk

Height: 180cm

Weight: 89kg

Experience: 8 years in the Canadian Armed Forces Infantry

Primary Specialization: Reconnaissance

Other Skills: Navigation, Mountain Operations

Mantra: Stay off the high ground and don’t rattle the bushes

Connor “the Hunter” Somerville

Height: 182cm

Weight: 68kg

Experience: 9 years of big game hunting, 8 years of archery

Primary Specialization: Marksmanship

Other Skills: Field dressing/Proper use and maintenance of ballistic weapons, degree in alternative renewable energy

Mantra: Float like a butterfly, sting like an arrow.

Dominic “the Butcher” Etynkowski

Height: 180cm

Weight: 79kg

Experience: 5 years of Filipino Weapons Martial Arts (Bakbakan-Kali Ilustrisimo)

Primary Specialization: Bladed weapons combat

Other skills: Inventor/Craftsman, Welder, Seamster, Archer, Standard First Aid

Mantra: Machetes don’t need reloading, but crowbars don’t need sharpening.

Eric “the Strategist” Somerville

Height: 182cm

Weight: 72kg

Experience: Germination and propagation of several entrepreneurial enterprises

Primary Specialization: Wilderness survival, Bushcraft, Resource acquisition

Other Skills: Expert Canoer/Plumber/Boxer

Mantra: People can be your greatest resource or your worst enemy.

Peter “the Jedi” Lane

Height: 180cm

Weight: 84kg

Experience: Systema, Jui-jitsu, Kenpo, Parkour, Taekwondo, Gymnastics

Primary Specialization: Zom-jitsu hand-to rotting hand combat, self-defense

Other Skills: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychology degree, DZ truck license

Mantra: All victory or defeat begins in the mind.

Gerard “the Postman” Goco

Height: 178cm

Weight: 70kg

Experience: 2 years of advanced bugout hikes and solo campouts

Primary Specialization: Keeping all the instructors on point

Other Skills: Photography, videography, admin

Mantra: Because survival is insufficient.

They teach participants skills and principles that would not only be useful in zombie situations, but also in real life. Their signature zombie outbreak simulation will force individuals to work as a team to survive.

The camp holds private and corporate events, as well as scheduled weekend camps. For more information, visit ZombieSurvivalCamp.ca.