New Video Camera Bullets Allow You To See What You Shoot

Being from Oklahoma, you are issued a rifle and a conceal/carry permit with your birth certificate. I don’t get to go to gun ranges often, but it’s usually fun…unless someone wants to talk to you about crazy conspiracy theories or politics. But if you are serious about long distance shooting, or enjoyed the opening sequence of Nicolas Cage’s Lord of War, then ammo manufacturer and Vortex Optics have the product for you!

They’ve put tiny cameras on their bullets!

Video Camera Bullets Are Crazy

The one thing I hate most about guns is purchasing ammo. When you’re at the range — depending on the type of gun — you’re basically throwing a quarter away every time you pull the trigger . I’m from a time when a quarter could get you a game of Street Fighter at the arcade. So maybe it’s just about perspective. These bullets are $100 for a box of 10. I can’t decide if that is crazy cheap for the technology, or way too much to spend $100 to pull the trigger 10 times. I mean, what was wrong with taking a shot, then looking to see where it hit? Now you have to wait for your bullet to upload video footage to the cloud? I bet the NSA came up with this idea as a way of spying on people with guns. Who needs a gun registry when you can get video surveillance? Wait, maybe I’ve been hanging out at gun ranges too much.

Regardless, I’m excited to see what the YouTube video’s gun nuts will make of these.