The side-loading AR-15 stripper clip, because California (VIDEO)

Mean Arms out of Woodstock, Georgia has a polymer MA-Loader/Lock system that will turn your average AR into a fixed mag black rifle loaded via a 10-round side-charging stripper clip of sorts.

“Our new MA-Loader is a California compliant, 10-round bullet loading device that will allow you to safely and efficiently reload your fixed magazine without the need to break down the firearm,” notes the company. “Simply place the MA-Loader into your AR-15’s ejector port and press the thumb-ring slider to quickly load or reload. It is that simple!”

The above video shows how the unit charges into a rifle equipped with the lip system that replaces the dust cover on the upper and briefly shows the M-Lock attachment that fixes a once-detachable box mag in place. Of course, they use a select-fire AR in the demo, which is prob not Cali compliant, so that takes the sting out a bit.

So it’s come to this? Somewhere Eugene Stoner is doing one of these bits:

The 10-round polymer device retails for $39, is available in April, and “eliminates the requirement of registering your rifle with the State of California. If moving out of the state of California is not in your plans, lawful gun owners can still enjoy the use of their AR-15s with minimal disruptions while fully complying with the new laws.”

Curious as to how it loads? Check out the stop action below.