Forgotten Weapons Gets Trigger Time with the Iconic German MP40 Submachine Gun

The MP40 Submachine Gun was a major player in World War Two.

This short range weapon had much feared firepower against the Allies. Forgotten Weapons gets a chance to fire the iconic German MP40 Submachine Gun!

Is there a more iconic weapon of the World War Two German Army than the MP40 Submachine Gun? Hollywood and video games have made this compact weapon quite well known.

Firing the 9mm cartridge, this simple blowback submachine gun can fire 500-550 rounds per minute. The somewhat slower cyclic rate actually offers better control and more hits on target. The standard 32 round stick magazine gives the shooter plenty of chances to hit the target. They still work so well that they pop up in modern combat areas.

Special thanks to Ian from Forgotten Weapons and his friend for showing us what this very controllable submachine gun can do.