Can this country girl handle the 500 Magnum?

Women and guns are quite a lethal combination because men are not used to seeing the two together and when they do its as if the heaven has opened doors for them and they have become the luckiest lads in the world. Though men should really know that women are capable of doing everything that they can set their minds on pretty easily and they end up doing it far better than any man in the world.

This girl is about to experience one of the best experiences of her life. A girl with a gun and that too about to give away a 500 magnum round is not a joke. Not many experienced people have the balls to it that often. What you experienced along with her is something pretty amazing and it is even amazing to see that a girl stood up on her feet to go through this adrenaline rush and feel the heat of it all. Bloody hell it was, the noise and the rush of excitement was all that a gun lover can think of and with her silly little emotions was all that a viewer wants to see.

Watch this country belle wield the unbridled firepower of the 500 magnum round in the water barrel expansion test by Gun-Time.