Some Canadian Forces Lee Enfield rifles could be available for sale to the public

I had an update earlier today on what was happening with the Lee Enfield rifles used by the Canadian Rangers. The Rangers will be receiving new rifles. The Department of National Defence will take the now surplus Lee Enfield rifles and turn over some to the cadets for non-functioning drill rifles (an estimated 9,500) and gift some to the Rangers (or those Rangers who want them…..some 5,000 potentially). A number (as yet unknown) could be made available for sale to the public. See the questions below that Defence Watch submitted on this issue and the answers provided by Ashley Lemire, DND spokeswoman:

 1) How many Lee Enfield rifles will be sold?

The total number of surplus Lee Enfield rifles eligible for sale is dependent on a number of factors including, the total number required to service the identified need for retention by the Cadets, the number successfully transferred as donations to the Canadian Rangers (as citizens), and the relative serviceability of the rifles remaining following the aforementioned approved strategies.

2) What will be the process for selling these rifles?

 As mandated by Treasury Board, all saleable surplus assets are sold through Public Services and Procurement Canada.

3) When will these rifles be sold and to whom?

The timing of the disposal of the Lee Enfield rifles is dependent on the implementation and the distribution of the replacement rifles under the New Canadian Ranger Rifle project.  As per Treasury Board mandate, sales of surplus assets proceed on a competitive basis, unless otherwise authorized by the Minister of the respective Department disposing of those assets.

 4) Will the general public be able to buy these rifles?

The sales strategy has not been finalized and will be developed in consultation between equipment managers in the Department of National Defence, and sales agents within Public Services and Procurement Canada.  The timing of this finalization will be dependent on the progress of the New Canadian Ranger Rifle project.

David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen, Source