The Deadliest Neck Knife in the World?! – Karambit Training With Doug Marcaida

Those who know the Kali martial arts know exactly how destructive and viable a karambit is.

But most of karambits available on market are folding karambits.

The lethality this blade has has is completely crazy. Simply the look of a karambit sharp edge will scare most of the aggressors.

And most of them won’t see the sharp edge until it’s past the point of no return.

A fixed blade cut resolves most of these issues, yet the fixed bladed karambits have a tendency to be on the bigger side and still have that curve to the edge.

Doug Marcaida has worked together with Max Venom to make the DMAX Karambit. The DMAX is lightweight, concealable, and also has a fixed blade.