WATCH: Iraqi soldier disarms suicide belt strapped to 7-year-old boy

A moving clip of a heroic soldier removing a live bomb from a frightened 7-year-old has made waves on Twitter over the weekend.

As seen from a video uploaded by journalist Brenda Stoter Boscolo on Twitter, soldiers spotted the unnamed boy from an ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) refugee camp in Mosul, Syria. The boy was suspiciously holding his belly.

After assessing the situation, the brave soldier took off the shaken boy’s T-shirt and asked him to raise his hands and keep still.

“Keep your arms up, son,” the trooper said as he gently unfastened the lethal explosive bandage—which is believed to have been strapped to the boy’s torso by a member of the dreaded terrorist group.

The kid answered, “No, no uncle,” as an improvised detonator is seen attached to his body.

Without a trace of fear, the valiant soldier clipped the wire and successfully disarmed the bomb before it could cause harm to everyone in close proximity. He then unfastened the remainder of the boy’s belt and cautiously placed it on the ground.

The boy, meanwhile, is just one of the millions of war-stricken children in the Islamic state, forced to live their lives in fear due the seemingly never-ending conflict between ISIS and military groups.